Johannesburg, South Africa

Unlock the power of property investment with

AWiP Investment Holdings.
Experience the benefits of co-investing in high-quality, high-yielding property opportunities with AWiP Investment Holdings. AWiP is a majority African women-owned & managed broad-based property investment fund.

About Us

AWiP Investments is a majority African women-owned & managed broad-based property investment fundbased in South Africa.

Company Overview
Broad-based Ownership

Partner directly with communities, stokvels, savings clubs and individual retail investors to enable broad-based property ownership and long-term value creation for all shareholders.

Diversified Fund

Build a diversified portfolio of high-quality assets that deliver long term income and capital growth. Diversify the fund’s risk while maximizing access to varied investment opportunities.

Sustainable Cities & Communities

Invest in high yielding, high social impact property investments. Drive infrastructure development in under-served

Transform the Property Sector

Increase representation of Africans and women in the South African commercial property sector.

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With Us:

Invest in High Yielding, low-risk Commercial property Opportunities, earn dividends and benefit from appreciation of your capital


Alongside Us:

AWiPs unique and inclusive approach to raising equity facilitates participation of institutional investors and other equity investors alongside individual smaller-scale investors achieving true broad-based ownership.


It Works:

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AUM in 6 years

Sustainable value for broad-based investors reinforced by long term income & capital growth

Growth prospects reinforced byh demand in targeted sectors Scale will ensure meaningful value for investors

Minimum transaction size

Consideration of growth prospects and effort & resources required to close a single transaction

Enables diversification Reduces concentration risk

5 yrs
Minimun Investment Period

AWiP is a total return income fund focused on delivering value to investors in the

Exit facilitated through sale of shares to new or existing shareholders Disposal of assets to recycle capital

Average total return over investment period

Income and capital growth over lease tenure to achieve
targeted returns

Targeted gearing of 70% Annual equity return c. 6% Sustainable long-term returns

Axquisitions & equity participation

Axquisitions & equity participation Opportunistic investments whnich deliver targeted investment returns.

Empowered partner of choice in larger equity transactions

Partner With AWiP

Do you have an investment opportunity and Looking for a strategic equity partner? You can partner with us

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As an majority african women owned broad-based fund, AWiP is well positioned as a strategic equity partner of choice.

Investment Mandate
Investment opportunities that meet the following criteria will be considered:
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